Bio : Marion Berrin ( b. 1982 ) is a french photographer based in Paris. With experiences ranging from political sciences to the " Ecole du Louvre " she came into photography with a unique ability to spot accidental, artistic compositions on the street. She tries to evoke rather than describe in a colorful flow of fragmented pictures.

If you should describe your photography as only 3 keywords, what would you do?

SHAPES. COLOUR. LIGHT. These three elements are always at the core of what I do.

If there are the reasons why we should take a photograph while we live, what do you say?

A photograph is a testimony of a moment, an ephemeral moment. A moment that will probably never happen again and that will remain for ever somewhere, on film, as a testimony of a lost feeling.

What is the most impressive quotation on photography?

I am not really into what people say about photography but this quote below, by Elliot Erwitt, sums up everything : " The whole point of taking pictures is so that you don't have to explain things with words "