Iacopo Pasqui

Iacopo Pasqui is a documentary and fine art photographer, based in Firenze. His work focuses on natural and artificial, and on issues related to daily life and to the dynamics of the contemporary preference for the use of color. He is one of the three winners of the Leica Talent 2011 getting an assignment for Leica Magnum Agency.


Sannicola, one of the projects has been exhibited in September, during the photofest in Gallipoli.


Q. If you should describe your photography as only 3 keywords, what would you do?

Freedom, Lightness, Normality.

Freedom is a constant condition that I live and I feel doing my work. I hope it will be received and transmitted with my photographs. Feeling free to build a personal vision of the world, to continue to travel and looking for that sense of lightness, of which life is always in need. All this look like in situations of absolute normality, simple things that are around us, every day, both in contexts neighbors and in contexts so far.


Q. What are you mostly thinking the moment you press the shutter?

Usually nothing. Perhaps there are so many thoughts that I can't grasp one defined. I'm very focused on the subject. Soon after the shot, I think.